About us

  • About Alxus Media
  • We are the 1st digital marketing firm focusing on Facebook Application Development and Social Media Marketing in Hong Kong and Asia. With extended experience in developing Social Applications on Facebook, Mobile and Blog, we helped over 100 clients develop their engaging social applications successfully.
  • Why us?
  • We are not only a professional Facebook/Mobile/Blog application developer. We also have extended experience on social media marketing and has tackled many tricks promoting your brands and services in this new media. A lot of traditional software house will only know how to do programming without the sense of marketing but we believe merging technology with marketing skills is more important in delivering success. What do you think?
  • Strong Technical Support
  • No worry if you do not know anything technical! Our consultant will describe you the situation and evaluate the possibility in patience. In our mind, we are here to help you solve your problems so do not worry!
  • Next Step
  • Feel free to read our client list or contact us for more details.
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